Private Tutoring

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In addition to group classes, we also offer private tutoring tailored to your specific language needs. Please note that on-site tutoring set up is subject to instructor and classroom availability. Pricing for private tutoring is as follows.

1 hr, 5 sessions-JASGA member 250 5% Off    $ 237.50
1 hr, 5 sessions-Non-member 300 5% Off       $ 285.00
1 hr, 10 sessions Member 500 5% Off             $ 475.00
1 hr, 10 sessions Non-member 600 5% Off      $ 570.00
1 hr/student - JASGA Member 50                   $ 50.00
1 hour/student - Non-Member 60                   $ 60.00

Register for private tutoring (please contact us via email, to make sure a tutor is available before registering). Online payment is available for your convenience through the registration page.
If you would like to pay the class fee by check, please mail a check made payable to "JASGA" and send it to:
Japan-America Society of Greater Austin
PO Box 9276 
Austin, TX 78766 

If you are not a member, please click HERE to see about Corporate and General annual membership and sign up for the annual membership to receive a discount rate.

Private tutoring discounts are available to all Japan-America Society of Greater Austin (JASGA's General Members and employees of Corporate Members (The benefit offers depends on the corporate membership level.)

Contact at for more details or to set up your tutoring session now!