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Latest News

JASGA Upcoming Event: September 2022

Registration Closing Soon for Hiragana + Katakana!

Hiragana + Katakana Workshop  Learn Japanese in-person

When: October 6th through November 10
Where: In Person at the AARC Asian America Resource Center
What: Any level welcome to learn how to read/write Hiragana + Katakana + FUN!

japanese language classes

Thank you for your interest in the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin (JASGA) Japanese Language Classes and Workshops. Our Japanese language classes emphasize learning conversation, listening, reading, and writing) at various levels. Our classes are online this Fall of 2022 with one exception: Hiragana + Katakana Workshop at th AARC Asian American Resource Center. All our instructors are certified for instructing Japanese Language and native speakers. 

At a glance:

New Upcoming Summer Language Classes

New and continuing Japanese language and calligraphy classes for summer 2022. Beginning June through July for adults and children. 

Check back May 13th for the full schedule and pricing.

JASGA will be continuing with online courses only. 

2022 Spring Japanese Language and Shodo Japanese Calligraphy

Registration for Spring 2022 Japanese Language and Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Classes is now closed.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Spring 2022 classes will be held virtually.

Thank you for your interest in the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin (JASGA) Japanese Language and Shodo Japanese calligraphy program. We currently offer Japanese language (emphasizing conversation, listening, reading, and writing) and Shodo Japanese calligraphy classes at various levels in Austin. 

Registration is now closed.

At a glance:

  • Class location this Spring 2022: Virtual online classroom
  • The start date:  1/18 (Tues) - 1/22 (Sat)
  • Levels from total beginner to advanced and children & young teens, Japanese Business English, and Shodo Japanese calligraphy lessons with a certified, Japanese calligraphy teacher
  • in possession of a BA/BS degree or above and professional, native Japanese instructors
  • 10 or 12 meetings of 1-hour classes, once per week
  • Writing Kana (hiragana/katakana) workshop - selected date
  • Japanese Conversation Bootcamp (for those who completed Beginners level)
  • Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) preparatory course
  • Classes of 3 - 8 students
  • Tailored private tutoring class available (with qualified, native Japanese instructors)
  • Offers Corporate Program
  • Children and/or teens classes are avaialble
  • Registration Deadline: 1/14 (Fri)

Class Information

Beginning I -Austin 01/19 - 04/06    6:00-7:00pm 
Beginning II -Austin 01/19 - 04/06    7:00-8:00pm
Beginning III - Austin  01/20 - 04/07     6:00-7:00pm
Beginning IV - Austin 01/20 - 04/07     6:00-7:00pm
Jpn Conversation Intermeidate 01/18 - 04/05     7:00-8:00pm
Intermediate II - Austin 01/20 - 04/07     8:00-9:00pm
Intermediate III-Austin 01/18 - 04/05     6:00-7:00pm
Pre-Advanced II - Austin 01/20 - 04/07     6:00-7:00pm
Advanced II - Austin 01/20 - 04/07     7:00-8:00pm
Advanced IV - Austin 01/18 - 04/05     7:00-8:00pm
Advanced VI (JLPT N1 prep) 01/21 - 04/08     7:00-8:00pm
Children/Teens (Elem A1) 01/17 - 04/04     5:30-6:30pm
Children/Teens (Elem-A2) 01/18 - 04/05     5:30-6:30pm 
Shodo Calligraphy I/II/III  01/22 - 03/26     2:00-3:00pm


Language & Shodo class discounts are available to all Japan-America Society of Greater Austin (JASGA) General Members and employees of Corporate Members.   Note that the benefit offers depends on the Corporate Membership Level.

15th JASGA's Akimatsuri Japan Fall Festival Success!

Thank you for joining us for the 2021 Austin Japan Fall Festival - JASGA's 15th Aki Matsuri (秋祭り). It turned out to be a nice Sunday afternoon and the Akimatsuri was a blast, with many participants.

A big thank you to our friends, supporters, fans, and everyone who came out to share the time with our performers, presenters, vendors, volunteers and guests. We also greatly appreciate Vice Consul-General Sagawa at Consul-General of Japan in Houston, the representatives of JAL and ANA on our Board of Directors , and Concordia University Texas. Hope all of you had good time with us!

Enjoy photo albums (Kenichi Ono) and 2 (Cat Gurinsky).

Check out the video of some highlights of the afternoon!

Takohachi Q Ensemble performances (Opening and the last part 1 and part 2)

Thank you again and we'd love to see you all at 2022 Aki Matsuri ~ 16th Japan Fall Festival!

The 2021 15th Aki Matsuri, Japan Fall Festival was made possible with support from Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP), Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), Japan Airlines (JAL), and our community partners, in cooperation with the Consulate-General Of Japan in Houston

Shamisen & Shinobue Live - An Evening with Takohachi Q Ensemble on the Eve of 2021 Japan Fall Festival

Let's celebrate Adult Aki Matsuri in the evening on Saturday, 11/20.
Enjoy shamisen and shinobue live music on the rooftop of a brand new boutique hotel!

The Japan-America Society of Greater Austin (JASGA) presents a shamisen and shinobue concert in Austin with four Japanese traditional music performers: the Takohachi Q Ensemble from Portland, Oregon on November 20 at 6:30 PM. This event is a part of JASGA's 15th Aki Matsuri, 2021 Japan Fall Festival.

Join us to mingle Saturday with live Japanese music!

When: November 20, 2021 6:30 pm
Where: East Austin Hotel Upside (1108 E 6th St. Austin, TX 78702)
Admission: Free (Donation will be gratefully accepted!)

Download or click on the poster above and spread the words!

Takohachi’s Q Ensemble