Class Fee

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10 meetings for Spring/Summer/Fall /Winter 2021

JASGA Member $200 (one-hour, 10 classes)   
Non-Member    $260 (one-hour, 10 classes)

Hiragana / Katakana Intensive class

JASGA Member $30 (1.5 hours)
Non-Member    $40 (1.5 hours)

Note: Payment in advance is required before the class starts.

If you would like to pay the class fee by check, please mail a check made payable to JASGA and send it to:

Japan-America Society of Greater Austin
PO Box 9276
Austin, TX 78766

If you are not a JASGA member, please visit @ and and sign up for the membership in order to receive a discount class fee.

(Note 1): The benefit offers depends on the corporate membership level. 

(Note 2): The fees for AISD facility use have increased by 52% since September 1, 2016.