Newsletter Volume 35

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Japan-America Society of Greater Austin
Fall 2014
Newsletter, Vol. 35
October 2014
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Japanese Language Program
JYUSAN YA - The moon on the thirteenth night 10/6
You are Invited
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Summer Kimono & Yukata
Fashion Show
 Origami Hands-On


Click on photos for more photos


We were invited to hold the Summer Kimono & Yukata fashion show. After the show, many participants enjoyed folding origami papers. 



kiki's Delivery Service

It was a family friendly, anime showing event on the last day of the 2014 summer break. 





Meyers - Yamamoto



Anne Akiko Meyers and Satoko Sandy Yamamoto played violins at the Austin Symphony Season Opening concert. Anne is JASGA's lifetime member and Sandy played her violin at the JASGA Friendship Party in October 2013.
Thank to Austin Symphony for offering special discount tickets to all JASGA members!




Austin Aikikai dojo

Austin Aikikai dojo is newly certified as an off-campus PE class for AISD
high school students, and we have some high school students that are
enrolled this semester.
Thanks for the wonderful Aikido demonstration, which  created a comfortable atmosphere to the participants. 


Fall 2014 

Japanese Language Classes 



Beg I class


JASGA has started the Fall Japanese language and Calligraphy classes on September 9th and 10th. The classes continue to meet every  Tuesday and Wednesday.



 Lamar Middle School and Fine Arts Academy


Shodo Fall14




 Cultural Art Workshop 



Sumi-e Workshop 


by Taeko Matsumoto


Tara Bosatsu

December 1, 2014
@ 7:00pm


 Academic Lecture Series



The Roots of Gurume Nation


by Dr. Nancy Stalker



February 2015 
Newsletter Editor/Publisher


JASGA Newsletter

 Fall 2014

is compiled and edited by:

Kako Ito 


Dear Kako,


It seems Fall has arrived in Austin and central Texas. Volunteers from the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin are working hard to facilitate programs and events for you during these upcoming months. Please take the time to enjoy these activities, which are only made possible through the generous support of our members and sponsors.

The moon on the thirteenth night of a lunar month

Jyusan ya


13 (Jyusan) ya

This year, October 6th was Jusanya [十三夜] which literary means the night or the moon on the 13th day of the 9th month in the lunar calendar.  
On this night, along with Jugoya - the moon on the 15th night, people enjoy viewing the moon.  Unlike Jugoya, this event is unique to Japan. 
There are many events including open-air tea ceremonies and gagaku (ancient Japanese court dance and music) performances on this day.
Hope you enjoy the music and performance.
Resonant, eternal tones beneath an autumnal full moon: the Hie Shrine "Mid-autumn Kangen Festival"

Come Join Us!


2014 Aki Matsuri - 秋祭り

JASGA's eighth Annual Japanese Festival



Aki Omikawa    

Taiko drums, Japanese traditional and festive dance, traditional musical instruments, the beauty of the Chanoyu ceremony, Japanese martial arts, and Okinawan traditional dance -- all this will bring the esthetic gifts of Japanese culture to Austin and Central Texas during the 2014 Aki Matsuri, Japan Fall Festival.


Visitors will enjoy a range of Japanese food and sweets, drink sampler, art and Japanese goods, Yukata booth, calligraphy, origami hands-on, Japanese games and entertainment. 


In addition, there will be a Raffle and Silent Auction for items such as a pair airline tickets to Japan, gift certificates for Japanese restaurants, tea ceremony invitation, massage and face spa visits, art collections, pottery, Anime goods, games, film screening passes, Kimono, Obi, Kimono accessories, door prize, and more!    


Those who wear Yukata, Kimono, Matsuri Happi coats, cosplayed and Lorita fashion participants are always welcome!  Win the fashion contest, too!

                                                                             Saturday, November 15 2014                                12:00-4:00 PM

 @ O. Henry Middle School [map]

 Free for JASGA members & under 18; 

 $5 for non-members


The students who are taking Japanese language classes at LASA and ACC will operate the Japanese game corner.


JASGA thanks everyone who will donate generously to our Fall Festival!


For festival sponsorship and/or donation to Silent Auction, contact

 JASGA's 8th Aki Matsuri - Japan Fall Festival




Asahi              Coco's Cafe  



John Schellenberg     














      Click on image to download the Flyer.

RSVP - You are Cordially invited

You are cordially invite

to the
Centennial Commemoration of
 Dr. Shigetaka Shiga's Presentation 
of the
Japanese Monument to the Alamo Heroes

Nov. 5, 2014 * 2 p.m.
The Alamo
 300 Alamo Plaza * 
San Antonio, TX 78205 
Reception follows at the Alamo  Hall
or call Dr. Margit Nagy at 210-431-3918

Hosted by
the Texas General Land Office and the Alamo

 Generous support for this event has been received from:

The Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce
The City of San Antonio/International Relations Office
The Japan America Society of San Antonio
The Japan America Society of Greater Austin
The Japan America Society of Houston
The Japan America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth
The RK Group
San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
Our Lady of the Lake University

Download the invitation flyer.


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Soroban Gym                  Coco's Cafe

 Abacus Brain Gym                   Coco's Cafe
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 The Alamo's Japanese Monument Turns 100  


Dr. Margit Nagy, CDP
Shiga Centennial Coordinator
Professor of History 
Our Lady of the Lake University

The Centennial Commemoration of the Japanese Monument at the Alamo takes place on Wednesday, November 5, 2014, at 2 p.m. in the Alamo Convent Courtyard. The Centennial Ceremony participants include Japanese delegations from Tokyo and Shinshiro, Japan; Consul General Nozomu Takaoka from Houston, and representatives of the Texas/Bexar County/San Antonio civic, business, and educational communities. An Alamo Hall reception follows. The event is free and open to the public.

Waseda University geographer and world traveler, Dr. Shiga Shigetaka, arrived in San Antonio on November 5, 1914, to present his goodwill monument honoring the Alamo heroes. One hundred prominent San Antonio citizens welcomed him warmly. Given in the midst of growing anti-Japanese hostility and the outbreak of World War I, the granite monument is a tangible sign of deeds of friendship bridging cultural differences. The poem that Dr. Shiga had inscribed on the monument honors by name the heroes of the Alamo (Bonham, Bowie, Crockett, and Travis), the hero messenger of the 1575 Battle of Nagashino in Japan (Torii Suneemon), and heroes of the 757 Battle of Suiyang in Tang China (Chang Hsun, Hsu Yuan and Nan Chiyun). In making the parallels, Dr. Shiga focused on the common values of loyalty and self-sacrifice honored in all nations as a powerful unifying force, even in periods of conflict.

In this spirit, Dr. Shiga went to Chihuahua, Mexico, after leaving San Antonio to pay tribute to Padre Hidalgo, the hero of Mexican independence. When this world traveler returned to Japan in 1915, he used the occasion of a special celebration in his home town of Okazaki to have a display about the Alamo and to give a public lecture on Japan's first trade mission to Mexico.

At the November 6, 1914 ceremony, Prof. Shiga received live oak acorns to plant in Japan.  Centennial ceremonyHe accepted saying, "I shall tell the people of Japan these acorns came from the citizens of San Antonio and of the great state of Texas, and I shall strive to make my people better understand the friendliness, generosity, and hospitality of the inhabitants of far-off America. " During the 1986 Texas Sesquicentennial, the Junior Ambassadors Friendship Mission brought the portrait of Dr. Shiga to the Alamo. Relatives of Dr. Shiga and Rotarians from Okazaki and Shinshiro got live oak seedlings to replace trees destroyed during WWII at the 75th Anniversary ceremony in 1989. In 1995, cherry trees grown from seeds brought by Shinshiro representatives were planted in San Antonio. The November 5th Centennial is about more than Dr. Shiga and his monument.  It is about the potential each has, even in times of conflict, to envision new ways to build bridges of understanding across the differences of countries and cultures.


Enjoy your weekend and the nice rainy day! 
We'd love to see you at   Aki Matsuri at the O. Henry Middle School on Sat, November 6 at NOON!


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