Taniguchi Japanese Garden and Sustainable Japanese Garden Design

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The Japan-America Society of Greater Austin (JASGA) invited two principal speakers from architecture and landscape engineering design firms to speak at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center Auditorium on Saturday, March 26, 2016.

Evan Taniguchi opened the event and talked about his grandfather, Isamu Taniguchi, who built the Taniguchi Japanese Garden.

Keiji Asakura talked about  the Japanese garden and its relevance in our American culture in the past, present and future - how it had helped shaped our landscape and horticulture in the past, how the idea is informing and shaping our design of public spaces today, and how it may transform our relationship with nature into a more sustainable path.
After the presentations, Evan led the participants out to the Taniguchi Garden to enjoy the plum, peach and cherry blossoms and the other plants there.
We had a good turnout with many Japanese garden supporters and Austin newcomers even though it was an Ester weekend.  
This speaker series was partially funded by a grant through CGP and supported by the Botanical Garden Center and Evan Taniguchi.  Thank you for your continued support and great interests in our activities.
Clcik the event reference page and photo album.