JASGA 2010 Members Social Mixer

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JASGA would like to thank all of its corporate and general members and presenters who got together at our Corporate Sponsor and Individual Member Social Mixer on July 9, 2010.

2010 Corporate & Individual Member Social Mixer     

The Mixer was an opportunity for members of the Society to meet, recognize our Committees and Boards, discuss future plans for the organization, and enjoy two violinists: our Audrey Wozniak and Dr. Risa Ando. Thank you so much for both of your wonderful performance! 
As for the first half of our programs and events in 2010: with our newly reorganized team, we have successfully realized our plans and efforts to promote Japanese cultural and educational programs in Austin and Central Texas. The success of our programs is owing to JASGA's sponsors, members, and supporters who share our vision and mission and who provide us with valuable feedback.
Please see our following programs and events for the first half of the year 2010 and we would like to share our future programs with you:


1-4-2010     7:00pm      Haiku by John Snyder
1-3 & 17      1:30pm      Teens Japanese Conversation Club
1-15-2010   11:00am   Japanese Home Cooking Demo

2-1-2010     7:00pm     Japanese Table Manner by Yuko Kato
2-6-2010                     JASGA Newsletter - Winter
2-7 & 21      1:30pm     Teens Japanese Conversation Club
2-13-2010    1:00pm     Second Austin Regional Japanese Speech Contest
3-1-2010     7:00pm     Aikido by Ross Robertson and Still Point Aikido Center
3-6-2010     12:00pm   Texas State Japanese Speech Contest
3-7 & 21      1:30pm     Teens Japanese Conversation Club
3-24-2010    6:30pm    JASGA Networking Happy Hour
4-5-2010     7:00pm    Japanese Songs/Piano Ricital by Nancy Parker
4-4 & 18      1:30pm     Teens Japanese Conversation Club
4-25-2010    2:00pm   Origami Card Making Workshop by Megumi Sakurai
5-1-2010                     JASGA Newsletter - April
5-3-2010     7:00pm     George Nakashima, Woodworker by Linsay Nakashima
5-8-2010     12:00pm   Satsuki Matsuri-Japan May Festival
5-2 & 16       1:30pm    Teens Japanese Conversation Club
6-7-2010     7:00pm    Taniguchi Japanese Garden Revitalization Project by Terry Ward
6-6 & 20      1:30pm    Teens Japanese Conversation Club
7-12-2010    7:00pm    Japanese Woodwarking by Michael Yates
7-9-2010      7:00pm    JASGA sponsor/member Mixer
7-25-2010    3:00pm    Classical Piano Concert by Chizuko Sawa
8-9-2010     7:00pm     Anime presentation - Miyazaki past, present and future
8-14-2010                    JASGA Newsletter - Summer
9-13-2010      7:00pm   Japanese Cultural Salon
9-5 & 19      1:30pm     Teens Japanese Conversation Club
Open           6:00pm      Networking Happy Hour
Open                            Japanese Home Cooking
10-4-2010   7:00pm     Japanese Cultural Salon
10-3 & 17    1:30pm     Teens Japanese Conversation Club
open                                Pot luck party or Japanese dinner
open                               JASGA Lecture Series
11-1-2010    7:00pm    Japanese Cultural Salon 
11-7 & 21     1:30pm    Teens Japanese Conversation Club
open                            JASGA Lecture Serie
11-21-2010                  JASGA Newsletter - Fall
12-6-2010    7:00pm    Japanese Cultural Salon
12-5 & 19    1:30pm     Teens Japanese Conversation Club
open            7:00pm     Bonenkai  - End of the year party
We have lined up the presentations for Japanese Cultural Salon Series from August  to December 2010 and are currently coordinating the date with presenters/performers.

- Anime on August 9th
- Nihon-to: The Swords of Japan on Sept 13th
- Okinawa Shamisen
- Bonsai on Oct 4th
- Japanese film
- Kimono lecture
We plan to start Japanese language classes with experienced, native speakers of Japanese starting from September.
JASGA relies contributions from our members, corporations, small business, and concerned individuals. Your generosity lets us give back to the Austin area through our evenst, programs and community support.
We are always looking for volunteers who are passionate about promote friendly US-Japan relations through educational, cultural and other related programs for our members and the Austin community.
We hope to see you all at Classical Piano Concert at Steinway Piano Gallery on Sunday, July 25th at 3:00pm
Thank you for your support!