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Indo-Pacific Security and Multilateral Strategic Cooperation: Past, Present, and Future      [インド太平洋地域の安全保障と多国間戦略協力]

Thanks to all for participating in the virtual discussion on March 24th 2021 (at 6PM, CDT)/the 25th (8AM, JST).  

We featured well-known speakers on diplomacy, Professor Nobukatsu Kanehara from Doshisha University in Kyoto and Ambassador David F. Shear from NAJAS, who discussed the current and future status of multilateral strategic cooperation on security issues and how these factors will affect daily life in each country in the Indo-Pacific region.

Among the issues discussed were the US-Japan relationship, the QUAD Alliance, ASEAN, China, and the political values and economic status of each nation. 

We also invited Professor Patricia Maclachlan from the University of Texas at Austin, Department of Government and Asian Studies to serve as moderator.

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Amb. David B. Shear        Prof. Nobukatsu Kanehara           Prof. Patricia Maclachlan 

This program was conducted virtually, sponsored by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and NAJAS, and in cooperation with promotional partners the Consulate General of Japan in Houston, Japan Airlines, and the Center for East Asian Studies at UT Austin.

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