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Welcome to the website of the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin.  Please feel free to explore our calendar of events and newsletter information.

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Latest News

2020 Japan Fall Festival - 14th Annual Aki Matsuri

The COVID pandemic has affected the entire world, so JASGA is presenting this year's festival virtually in consideration of our residents, visitors, and performers’ and demonstrator's health and safety.  

Join us to celebrate the 14th Aki Matsuri -  Fall Japan Festival in Austin TX !

JASGA Virtual AKi Matsuri
Saturday, November 21, 2020 1:00 2:00PM

> Watch Streaming Video:


DONATION / SPONSORSHIP is greatly appreciated!

Taiko drums, sake cocktails demonstration, Japanese classical buyo dance, Japanese ancient art presentation, traditional musical instruments -- all this will bring the aesthetic gifts of Japanese culture to Austin and Central Texas during the 2020 Japan Fall Festival ~ JASGA's 14th Aki Matsuri.

Audiences can pre-order and pick up lunch Bento, festival sushi rolls, yakisoba, vegetarian sushi while enjoying streaming video. In addition,some promotional videos of our partners will be shown, and there will be a Silent Auction for items such as airline ticket to Japan, restaurants and massage/spa gift certificates, Kinokuniya gift cards, Japanese lacquer bowls set, Japanese plates set, books, anime & festive goods, games, kimono, Obi sash, accessories, give away gifts and much more!

Donation for Silent Auction / Akimatsuri Sponsorship

JASGA thanks everyone who will be sponsoring and will make donations for the 2020 Japan Fall Festival - the 14th Aki Matsuri. For donation to aution, click HERE to fill out the application form and send it to us at: jasga-akimatsuri@jasga.org or jasga-akimatsuri@jasgaaustin.org

Donation deadline: November 15, 2020

For festival Sponsorship, contact jasga-akimatsuri@jasga.org  For donations to Silent Auction, please contact at:jasga-akimatsuri@jasgaaustin.org 

> Bid on silent auction items starts on Nov 21 at 12:00 noon:

Pre-order and pick up Bento, tofu steak bento, festval rolls, yakisoba for JASGA Virtual Aki Matsuri, click HERE

You can also order food by yourself. Click the link and try to taste Japanese Matsuri (festival) comfort food such as Yakisoba, futomaki, gyoza, and korokke (croquette),

Bon Appetit Foodies! 

Sponsors for 2020 Japan Fall Festival (as of111720)

       Naomi Folsome                                                                                                   

Auction & Giveaway Donors for JASGA's 14th Aki Matsuri (limited to 20 items this year)

JAL (Japan Airlines) - Kinokuniya Austin - Fukumoto Sushi & Izakaya - Kokoro Care - Okashicon - Texas Sake -  Kome Sushi Kitchen - Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy - Sugar Pine - Haru Japanese Cuisine - Uroko - Naomi Folsome - Kako Ito - Jenny chen                                                                  

Japanese Budō / Bujutsu Presentation and Panel Discussion

Budō /Bujutsu - Japanese Martial Arts - The Way of Peace of Mind

Join us for a special evening. A presentation and panel discussion on Japanese Budō/Bujutsu on Friday, September 25 at 5:00pm, CST.

This event is part of a series of Japanese cultural and educational programs presented by the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin.

The term "Japanese martial arts" refers to the variety of martial arts native to the country of Japan. At least three Japanese terms (budo, bujutsu, bugei) are used interchangeably with the English phrase Japanese martial arts.

The use of term budō (武道) to mean martial arts is a modern one. Historically, the term meant a way of life encompassing physical, spiritual and moral dimensions with a focus of self-improvement, fulfillment, and personal growth.

In modern usage, bujutsu (武術) translates as martial art, military science, or military strategy depending on context, and is typified by its practical application of technique to real-world or battlefield situations. Budō, meaning martial way, has a more philosophical emphasis.

2020 Fall Japanese Language and Shodo Japanese Calligraphy

Register Now for Fall 2020 Japanese Language, Shodo Calligraphy, and Japanese Business English Classes!  

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Fall 2020 classses will be held using Google Meet (G Suite.)  

Thank you for your interest in Japan-America Society of Greater Austin's Japanese Language and Shodo Japanese calligraphy program. We currently offer Japanese language (emphasizing conversation, listening, reading, and writing), Shodo Japanese calligraphy, Japanese Business English classes at various levels in Austin. Due to popular demand, we have added new classes (Children/Young Teens, Japanese Business English & English Presentation) with qualified, native Japanese instructors. 

Registration is now open!

At a glance:

Pecha-Kucha Storytelling Evening

Please join us for the 2020 Cultural and Educational speakers series. JASGA will present a virtual Pecha-Kucha Evening on Friday, July 31st at 5:00 pm.

Our first Pecha-Kucha presentation has several themes: Town-city-regional development, community engagement, grassroots activities, and US-Japan friendship.  Each of our four speakers will talk about one or more of these themes.

Pecha-Kucha is a storytelling format where a presenter shows 20 slides with 20 seconds of commentary for each slide.  At our Pecha-Kucha event, several professional people will talk in a virtual session to share their expertises, insights, and future plans with the audience.

Texas Radio Taiso Challenge [ONLINE]

Saturday, June 13, 2020 
9:00 AM 10:00 AM

Join us for the Radio Taiso and enjoy this cultural stretching exercise together!   

Download the poster.                                  



2020 Summer Japanese Language and Shodo Japanese Calligraphy

Register Now for Summer 2020 Japanese Classes!  Your class starts on May 20th.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Summer 2020 classses will be held using Google Meet.  We offer virtual online classroom at 20% off  (or 10% off for a very small class) for this Summer Session.

Thank you for your interest in Japan-America Society of Greater Austin's Japanese Language and Shodo Japanese calligraphy program. We currently offer Japanese language and Shodo Japanese calligraphy classes at various levels in Austin. Due to popular demand, we added new classes (Children/Young Teens, .Business Englsih) with qualified instructors. 

Registration is now open!