Japanese for Children & Young Teens

12 classes
Japanese language and culture at JASGA  Instructor: Hashimoto sensei
We welcome students from any nation and offer classes at every level. We respect students’ eagerness to learn and we support them in achieving their goals. The ability to speak and write Japanese is a considerable asset for them. We hope they will gain confidence in their Japanese language skills and move on to their future. 
This class is designed for children and young teens (7 -11 years old) who love to learn Japanese language and culture.  Children will play Japanese games, Japanese chirldren songs, listen to bilingual folk stories, and anime music using various, fun and  practical materials, in order to create a naturally leaning atmosphere.
We also use textbook: 
 1) Japanese for Young People 1 Student book - Speak 
 2) Japanese for Young People 1 Workbook Kana - Write
Our goals are: 
1) Students can naturally learn Japanese greetings, vocabularies, responses and simple conversations.
2) Students can eventually communicate in Japanese and will learn advanced expressions.
Activities to learn and speak basic words, greetings, and simple sentences
> Writing Hiragana (Japanese alphabet)
> Crafting for the better understanding of Japanese culture
> Students aim to move up to the next level of textbook in the future.
Note:  Those teens who would like to join mixed ages (adults, high school and college students) class, please sign up for the desired class of your Japaense level.
The textbook is avaialble at a discount rate,  We will receive a discount rate from Kinokuniya, our corporate member.  We have to order the book througth JASGA.  Please let us know if you need your textbook
September 13th, 2021 5:00 PM
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