Discover Japan - Japanese Martial Arts (Okinawa Kobudo and Seido Karate)

The Japan-America Society of Greater Austin (JASGA) has been invited by the Global Engagement Office at St. Edward's University,  to give a presententation on one of the most impressive aspects of Japanese culture, the martial arts. The Global Engagement Office is in charge of promoting study abroad in Japan.
Japanese martial arts include a variety of martial arts native to the country of Japan. The English phrase is used to translate at least three distinct Japanese terms:  budō, bujutsu, and bugei.
The usage of budō to mean martial arts is a modern one. Historically the term meant a way of life encompassing physical, spiritual, and moral dimensions with a focus of self-improvement, fulfillment, or personal growth.
"Modern budo" or "new budo" are terms that refer to modern Japanese martial arts, which were established after the Meiji Restoration (1866–1869).
The participants will have the opportunity to learn a touch of two martial arts:
11-12:00  Okinawa Kobudo Demo by Austin Okinawa Karate
12:15-1:15  Japanese Traditional Seido Karate by Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Self Defense  

11:00-12:00pm:  Okinawan Kobudo Demonstration (with Austin Okinawa Karate)

Kobudo, or “old martial arts,” refers to the traditional weapons used in the Ryukyu Kingdom, which is now Okinawa.
Shihan Ty Yocham will discuss the evolution and use of popular martial art weapons including the 6-foot staff, nunchaku, tonfa and sai. Participants will also learn about lesser-known Chinese weapons adopted by Okinawan fighters, and examine farming and fishing implements adapted for defensive use by the people of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The presenters will demonstrate basic movements that illustrate the most common or unique attributes of these fighting implements, and answer questions.

12:15-1:15pm:  Japaense Traditioanl Seido Karate (with Sun Dragon Martial Arts & Self Defense)

Black belts from Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Self Defense will present a demonstration of the traditional Japanese Seido Karate style. The demonstration will include formal kata, defenses against knives, and tameshiwari (breaking). Participants will have the opportunity to learn some basic techniques too!
Non-profit Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Self Defense teaches non-violent karate and practical violence prevention to children and adults of all ages. Seido Karate is designed to foster healthy minds, bodies, and communities. The self defense program emphasizes personal empowerment and skills to reduce violence and create peace.
Open to the public and Free event!

Two demos will be held at outdoor stage (Ragdale Lawn) bewteen Holy Cross Hall (16) and Ragsdale Center (27).  See the map below and click here to download pdf. 

Note: Please park in the yellow sections "all permits". There will most likely be parking at the parking garage (25) if available. All vehicles parked in this lot require a visitor parking permit.

DOWNLOAD the temporary campus parking permit.


October 26th, 2017 11:00 AM   through   1:30 PM
St. Edward's University
3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

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