Japanese Class Pre-Advanced II

12 classes

Pre-Advanced Course (I-V)   - Middle-Upper level of Intermediate

Japanese class  Pre-Advanced I:  Instructor  Megumi sensei

The pre-advanced classes (or middle - upper Intermeidate level) are designed for those who have finished intermediate level (Beg-Middle) or equivalent.  Sufficiently reading and writing of Hiragana & Katakana skills must be required and knowledge of at least 300 kanji are required. The classes use a selected textbook and other materials provided.

The textbook for the Pre-Advanced course is either Tobiral II, Genki II or  上級へのとびら Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese (Starting from IV or V level)

Pre-Advanced 1: Genki II or Tobira I/II
Pre-Advanced 2: Genki II or Tabira Book II 
Pre-Advanced 3: Genki II or Tabira Book II 
Pre-Advanced 4: Tobira Book II 
Pre-Advanced 5: TOBIRA II or Gateway to Advanced Japanese

JLPT Level N4/N3 Preparatory
This class offers a comprehensive preparatory course fo N4/N3 exam if the students want to study the JLPT prep. The examinee should choose the level that best matches his/her ability and training.  Some online materials will be used in the class.  As a supplement material, the students can purchase the following workbook and/or textbook: 
2)  New Kanzen Master JLPT N3: Grammar (Pre-Adv IV or above)
Please also refer to the JLPT official site.
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) prep can be studied concurrently for some class day. The students will also practice properly engaging in Japanese conversation.
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