Japanese Conversation for Intermediate students

12 classes

Confident Japanese Speaking/Conversation :  Instructor  Etsuko Okazaki Honda

You have learned basic Japanese from the textbooks and Kana workbook. You already know hiragana and katakana well. You've started practicing kanji.  But how comfortable are you with speaking Japanese?
Language is a way to communicate with others. Very often, however, beginners and intermediate students are so worried about mistakes and embarrassment that they refrain from actually using their newly acquired language skills. This would hinder progress at any level, so let’s speak and talk loud! We are now accepting students for a 10-week class on beginner/intermediate conversation. Under the steady guidance of Honda-sensei, a small numbers of students will have the opportunity to improve their Japanese capabilities for an hour at a time. In this intimate group setting, Honda-sensei will be able to gauge the needs of each student and adjust subject matter to these needs. This is a great way to grow comfortable using Japanese in unscripted and genuine conversations, and make new friends!
*This class is meant for those who already have a foundation in Japanese", preferably having participated in JASGA’s Beginning 1-4 classes or other institutions for beginners level of Japanese classes.  Lower level of Intermediate students (I-4) can also join this class.  You will communicate Japanese with casual contexts and learn indirect coomunication style.  
*Weekly topics will fluctuate based on students’ knowledge and needs
* The supplementary material will be used '新シャドーイング 日本語を話そう!|New Shadowing Let’s Speak Japanese!'  Beginner to Intermediate Edition'  by Kuroshio Publishers.
*Class with low enrollment may be canceled
January 18th, 2022 7:00 PM
JASGA Member (12 classes) $ 275.00
Non-Member (12 classes) $ 325.00