Japanese Class Beginning IV

Japanese Class Beginning IV :  Instructor - Kae Koike

The Beginning Series focuses primarily on the development of basic conversational skills and an understanding of Japanese as it is currently spoken in Japan. Topics covered include introductions, giving opinions, asking permission, expressing preferences, and giving and receiving. Both hiragana and katakana already leanred and the student should be able to read and produce both accurately upon completion of this series of classes. Please note that Beginning I is for students with NO previous Japanese experience. Beginning II and Beginning III assume some familiarity with the language.
The required textbook for the Beginning Series is Japanese for Busy People (JBP), Volume 1, Rev. 3rd edition (kana versions: Beg III & IV):
Beginning 1: Lessons 1-7 (Unit 1-3) Hiragana
Beginning 2: Lessons 8-14   (Unit 4-6) Katakana
Beginning 3: Lessons 15-21  (Unit 7-9) Hiragana/Katakana (Kana version Textbook)
Beginning 4: Lessons 22-25  (Unit 10-11) comprehensive review (KANA textbook)
You will leann Japanese language and culture with various material and really enjoy learning Japanese. 
The students will also practice properly engaging in Japanese conversation.
Some classes use the Japanese for Busy People (JBP) Kana Workbook. The Kana workbook is used for a self-stady tool to learn how to read and write properly using the attached CD.
The textbook (for Beg 3 & 4 - Kana version) is avaialble at a discount rate,  We will receive a discount rate from Kinokuniya, our corporate member. We have to order more than five books through JASGA.  Please let us know if you need your textbook or Kana workbook.
January 27th, 2021 7:00 PM
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