Past Events

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2021 JASGA Programs and Events
March 24  Geostrategy in Grassroots program - Indo-Pacific Security and Multilateral Strategic Cooperation: Present and Future [インド-太平洋地域の安全保障と多国間戦略協力] 
Aug 3JLPT Crash course
2020 JASGA Programs and Events
February 6   Japan-Texas Infrastructure Investment Forum (第3回日米インフラフォーラム)
March 7-8     Japanese Contemporary Fashion Show at Hidalgo Border Fest 
June 13        [Online]Texas Radio Taiso Challenge
Dec 5          Isamu Taniguchi Japanese Garden Volunteer Workday (part 2)
2019 JASGA Programs and Events
February 9   Far East Food Fest (presenter and Marketing sponsor)
March 9-11  The New Japan Islands (cooperation)
June 4         CULCON (supporter)
Sept 21       JASGA 2019 Memebers Socia
Sept 28       Japan Texas Career Fair in Houston (hosted by USJC and HCC)
Nov 17        2019 Japan Fall Festival  13th Aki Matsuri (秋祭り)
Dec 17        2019 Bonenkai "Forget the Year party"
2018 JASGA Programs and Events
January 14 2018  Kakizome (the First calligraphy of the new year)
January 19            Luncheon Presentation on Japan-Texas Economic Summit 
Jan 17 - Apr 14     Spring 2018 Japanese Language and Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Classes
February 10          Taniguchi Japanese Garden Volunteer Workday (rescheduled due to weather conditon.)

March 4                 The 2018 JASGA Gala 
March 17                Taniguchi Japanese Garden Volunteer Workday (Rescheduled to March 17 due to rain)
March 9-18           
SXSW Austin TX (Interactive, Music, Film, Comedy, Gaming) 
April 27                  Hereditary ATTR (hATTR) Amyloidosis: Disease Education and Patient Resources 
May 6-9                  Japan-Texas Economic Summit 
June 24                   Kyudo Demonstration
July 3                      Japanese for Children
July 6                      Tanabata festival and Koto (Japanese Harp) Performance
July 14                    Film Screening (Isle of Dogs) and Japanese Calligraphy 
July 21                    Mini Koto Concert by Chie Oritaki at Austin Zen Center (private event) 
August 18               Kinokuniya Grand Opening  (JASGA particiapted)
August  25              Young Classical and Bossa Nova Music Concert
October  21           Academic Lecture and Book Event
October 27             Japan Fall Festival ~ JASGA's 12th Aki Matsuri
December 11          Bonenkai - Fortget the year party
2017 JASGA Programs and Events
April 6-23           World Heritage in Japan Photo Exhibition
May 14                 Yukata and Summer Kimono Fashion Show
July 13                 Fractals in Japanese Woodblock Prints
September 6      Okinawa Kobudo Demonstration
October 9 & 10  Ramen Expo USA
December 10 & 11 Ikebana and Sake pairing
December 12      Bonenkai - Fortget the year party
2016 JASGA (& Japan Related) Programs
July 312016         Japanese & English Story Time and Hands-on Origami (Family Event)
Aug 21 2016        Summer Classical Music Concert
Aug 25 2016     HVDC Demonstration Project Launch Ceremony (JASGA members)
Oct 8 2016           Longhorn Invitational Team Kendo Taikai       
Dec  13 2016        2016 JASGA Boenkai End of the year party  ("forget-the-year party")
2015 JASGA (& Japan Related) Programs
Jan 28/29 - Apr 22/23   Spring 2015  Japanese Language and Shodo Program
March 17 2015  Japan Day @ SXSW 2015 (SXSW)
March 29 2015   Okinawan Taiko Drumming and Dance Performance (City of Austin)
April 23 2015    The Train to Crystal City: reading and discussion (City of Austin)
May 13  2015    Summer 2015 Japanese language and Shodo classes started
June 16 &17 2015  Japanese Government delegation visit Austin -Walk in US, Talk on Japan
June 28 2015    Koto and Shakuhachi Concert 
July 18 2015      1000 Cranes and Peace Origami festival (AFFSA)
August 9 2015  The 4th US-Japan Golf Tournament
Sept 16  2015    Fall 2014 Japanese Class started
Sept 23 2015    Japanese for kids class started
Oct 3 2015        Longhorn  Invitation Team Kendo Taikai
2014 JASGA Programs and Events
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