Japanese Class - Beginning I

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Summer: 10-week Japanese class beginning series (I - IV)

Japanese Class Beginning I :  Instructor  Kimiyo Maruo

The Beginning Series focuses primarily on the development of basic conversational skills and an understanding of Japanese as it is currently spoken in Japan. Topics covered include introductions, giving opinions, asking permission, expressing preferences, and giving and receiving. Both hiragana and katakana are introduced, and the student should be able to read and produce both accurately upon completion of this series of classes. Please note that Beginning I is for students with NO previous Japanese experience. Beginning II, Beginning III, etc., assume some familiarity with the language.

The required textbook for the Beginning Series is Japanese for Busy People (JBP), Volume 1, Rev. 3rd edition (kana or romanized versions):

Beginning 1: Lessons 1-7 (Unit 1-3)
Beginning 2: Lessons 8-14   (Unit 4-6)
Beginning 3: Lessons 15-21  (Unit 7-9)
Beginning 4: Lessons 22-25  (Unit 10-11) and comprehensive review

Some classes will also use the JBP - Kana Workbook.

Note:  Students can choose "kana" or "romanized" versions. However, Kana version might be challenging at first for those who are taking Beginning I and II classes. We recommend that the participants purchase the "Romanized" version textbook for Beginning I & II classes.  We recommend that the participants purchase the Kana version textbook for Beginning III & IV classes.

May 3rd, 2017 6:00 PM
2610 W. 10th St.
O. Henry Middle School
Austin, TX 78703
United States
Phone: 512-656-4731
JASGA member (one hour) Summer $ 180.00
Non-Member (one hour) Summer $ 230.00